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The OWA Blog

Lets Talk Lips!

Lets Talk Lips!

Hey Guys!

It's been a while since I've posted, but I recently had some new treatment done, one surrounding so much controversy that I thought I'd share my experience.

Recently I went to visit Sarah and her Team at The Smile Clinique for some lip fillers! I've always been fairly self conscious about my lips being quite small and when I found out my trusted dentist offered this service I jumped at the chance for some more info. I really wanted to create a more symmetrical look and to add a bit more volume and definition. I trust Sarah with everything she does with my teeth so I thought I would give it go - I was utterly blown away by the results! Although subtle, it was a huge improvement for me and really added to my overall smile.



Ok so lets talk lips!

Lip fillers have become quite a common and well known procedure in this day and age. There is however, still some mystery behind what it actually is, the procedure and what to expect after the treatment.

What are they?

There is a common misconception that ‘Botox’ and other wrinkle relaxers are also dermal fillers. This is incorrect. Wrinkle relaxers are injected into muscle tissue and are a muscle relaxant to reduce movement of certain facial muscle that can cause wrinkles/fine lines. Fillers are a gel like material injected at different layers of the skin (based on the type of filler and what it is being used for) to increase ore replace lost volume.
Modern day, high quality lip fillers are made largely of a material called hyalauronic acid, found naturally in the body and in many good skin care products. It is made in a clear gel form and the consistency feels very soft and natural in the lips. No rubber lips!

The procedure involves injecting the material into the areas of the lips where more volume is desired. It can be used to plump the lips, fill depressions, correct asymmetries and/or to smooth lines that have been created over time around the lips causing lipstick to bleed. Bye bye lip liner!

It is also becoming more and more well known that your Dentist may be the best candidate for the job. With their extensive knowledge of anatomy of the face and use of virtually painless dental anaesthetics and topical anaesthetics as well as lip filler material that contains anaesthetic, the experience can now be comfortable and easy.

What should I expect after the procedure?

It is not uncommon to see some swelling and mild bruising after the procurer, after all, injecting material into the lips does cause some level of injury however, this is usually quite mild and here are some tips to minimise these possible effects:
Use frozen baby wipes and gently place them over the lips as soon as you like after the procedure to cool them and thereby reduce inflammation and swelling in the area. Do not place any pressure on the lips as this may push the filler material somewhere your clinician did not intend for it to be.
Avoid fish oils, and blood thinning agents such as aspirin if possible at least 7 days pre and post procedure to minimise bruising. If you are on any blodd thinning medications, you must consult your Doctor prior to reducing or ceasing the intake of the drug.
Herbal creams and tablets such as Arnica can be purchased over the counter at pharmacies and are used to help reduce bruising and swelling.
IT is fairly safe to expect that any swelling/bruising will be gone within 1-2 weeks. It is very important to see your clinician at this 2 week mark to assess the results, ensure everything has gone well and touch up any small areas if necessary to achieve optimal results!

Will my expectations be met?

Communication in pivotal to achieving great results and it works both ways. It is important for the patient to communicate why they would like to achieve by describing their ideal result, perhaps even using pictures. It s the clinicians responsibility to communicate what is possible and what can be expected. It is important not to undergo treatment until patients expectations match what is achievable by the clinician.

What if I end up with trout pout?

Be selective about who you choose to perform your treatment. If you can, have a look at results that have been achieved in the past. Choose a clinician whose style of treatment matches the results you desire. The chances are, you will be happy with the results. Most clinicians take a lot of pride in their work, don’t forget, it is their name and reputation that you will be wearing everyday for quite sometime. They will do their very best to achieve the best possible results for you. Make sure you have spent time communicating with your clinician, developing a report and significant trust levels with them. This will help you along your journey.

What about promoting good body image?

There is a very important balance to achieve when undertaking cosmetic procedures. Beauty is held in the eye of the beholder and every human being is beautiful in their own way. Maintain your individuality and keep treatments to minimum. There is nothing wrong with mild augmentation to make you feel fresh and more confident but do not forget to embrace your true beauty from the inside out.

In my opinion, if it makes you feel better, happier and more self-confident, then go for it! If you're in the Perth area and thinking of lip enhancements, I definitely recommend visiting Sarah for a consultation.


Until next time,




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The Perfect Tone of Blonde

The Perfect Tone of Blonde

Hi guys!
This week I’m going to talk HAIR! In particular blonde, and how to achieve the perfect, cool blonde locks, with the help of my god-send of a hair stylist – Taliya from Harper Hair & Tan Subiaco.


Ok, so, I don’t know about you but to me, my hair is my thing. Some girls favour their brows, or their nails or hell, go all out and love the botox, but for me, it’s the hair. I’ve had a few hairstylists over the years, you kind of wander around life aimlessly in search of that person who can some how master the shit out of you hair and just know exactly what to do without really having to say much. Well, I found mine, and she’s been nailing it for me for a little over a year now and I couldn’t be HAPP-I-ER!
I always get compliments on the colour of my hair and that definitely means a lot considering most days I rock around with it in a topknot, sometimes brushed buuuut not much (kids, dude – who has the time for that?)
If people can see past the birdsnest and appreciate the most perfect shade of cool, creamy blonde then I’m one happy camper! I’ll run you through, step by step, the products and method Tals uses to get the most perfect shade of blonde – and some seriously rockin waves!

Wella Blondor for colour. I like close, fine foils for a natural look and alternate between half a head and a full head every five weeks. My hair grows super fast so I opt for 5, but you could definitely get away with every 6 weeks. The Olaplex No.1 is mixed into the colour to kick start the bond multiplying process and work to strengthen every strand (more on this in a minute). 

Tone it baby! I HATE anything brassy or golden so T tones with Wella Colour Touch to bring out that beautiful cool shade of blonde that I love.

Ahhhh the secret ingredient – Olaplex baby! Olaplex is designed to stop breakage in chemically treated hair. Step 2 is popped on after the tone and works to repair hair from within by strengthening, repairing and multiplying the bonds in your hair. I also use the take home step 3 once a week to maintain strength and healthiness. I have been dying my strands for over 15 years now and I can honestly say, it’s never been healthier! P.S Kim Kardashian uses it so it must be good right? 

Pop some Wella Luxe Oil through the ends for instant shine and smoothness. We then use EVO Root Canal for extra oomph at the crown – mist it on the roots of hair at the top of your head for extra shape and volume and then blow-dry with a round brush. Voila!

Taliya and the girls at Harper’s only use Cloud Nine Irons for the perfect waves. They have temperature control which can be adjusted for hair thickness (so you don’t burn the bazookas out of your locks) and the technology of the plates gives the perfect waves every damn time!

You can purchase these in any Cloud Nine Salon or via the link below:



So there you have it – my complete guide to creating the perfect blonde waves! Below are my ‘take home’ products that I use between visits to maintain the health and colour of my hair as well as keep my tresses looking totally Bingle Bob on my (not so frequent) nights out on da town! These can also be purchased from Harper Hair.


*EVO Ritual Salvation Care Shampoo.

*EVO Mane Attention Protein Treatment (as I only wash and and thermal dry my hair twice a week, I use the protein treatment instead of the conditioner for extra moisturizing)

*Olaplex Hair Perfector – Step 3, once a week. This is the last step in the Olaplex system and works to maintain the strength of the hair between salon visits.

*Wella Luxe Oil before blow-drying.


If you have any questions on this perfect shade of blonde, feel free to ask, and if your a Perth local do make sure you hit up Taliya and the girls at Harper Hair!
Much love,

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Kid's Spaces Made Easy

Kid's Spaces Made Easy

This week I've been working on creating a little kid friendly play area in my living room. Whilst their bedrooms are magical spaces, it's hard to keep an eye on them and I wanted somewhere they could play safely whilst still having adult supervision. Keeping in line with my love of a monochrome, Scandinavian style theme, I've collected some beautiful handmade pieces and whipped up a beautiful temporary space for my little ones, that gets the big tick of approval from them!
I've used a this beautiful teepee from Fox and Wilder; with a gender neutral colour of white, it made it whimsical and fun with some gum leaves from the garden. Lots of blankets and cushions have made it a warm and inviting space to read or draw. The square box cushion is from Little Connoisseur and is personalised with my son's name. Gracie is lucky enough to have one also and they are the most beautiful baby shower or 1st birthday gift!
 With any kids' space, it's important to ensure there is plenty of activities to keep them occupied and drawn to the area. Keep as many toys as possible, without overcrowding or over-stimulating. I'm a sucker for colour coordination and I love wooden toys!  I've popped lots of books and soft toys in there, along with our standard Star wars and lego - you can't see these, they didn't fit in with my theme so I stuffed them in the toy box (as you do). A full list of brands can be found below.
Knot Cushion - Out with Audrey (
Box Floor Cushion - Little Connoisseur (
Toybox and Teepee - Fox and Wilder (
Timber Hooks - Timber & Co (
Timber Beaded Garland - Grimesy & Rat (
Print - Yorkelee Prints (
Timber Print Hanger - Interior Motives (
Pear Grid Cushion - Inkibabinki (
Woollen Throw - Woollen Collective (
LuckyBoy Sunday 'Mause' Doll - Yellow Dandy Shop (

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This season we're introducing the colour  K H A K I  to our colour palette. The thing I love about this colour is that it absolutely never goes out of style and usually makes it's comeback debut every few season's or so. I must admit, at times I think of green and automatically think military/camo/let's join the army, but in fact it's a very versatile colour that really doesn't get enough recognition. The best thing about it - it goes with just about EVERYTHING! From black, white, grey and nude tones, this colour compliments them perfectly. It also favours just about any skin-type. Yep, I'm sold!

For this post I looked at teaming the hue with a mixture of black leather and crisp white to give you two autumn ready, Audrey approved outfits! 


Enjoy! Cheree x



HANNA Khaki Turtleneck Knit $55 || LARA White Boyfriend Shirt $35 || Empire Rose Waxed Trainers, available here || Diavolina Heels, similar here || Celine Sunglasses available here.

GABBY Striped Layered Tank $39 || ERIN Sleeveless Trench $69 || Asos Leather Pencil Skirt, similar here || Tony Bianco Heels, available here. || The Horse timepiece, available here

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